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Crown Equity Holdings Inc.'s digital network, disseminates community, state, national and global news & information under the business endeavor known as CRWE WORLD, which is also the portal in promoting the company’s other distinct products and services, within the CRWE WORLD brand, such as its business directory, business-to-business global trading, real estate, press release and video distribution, discounted vouchers and its advertising platforms, making CRWE World a one stop shop for consumers.

The company expects to engage readers every day with its broad variety of daily aggregated news, which is the base in building its strong market position within the various communities located within towns, cities, states, and countries throughout the world.

Crown Equity Holdings’ primary objective is to offer advertising, branding, and marketing solutions to boost awareness, as well as merchant visibility, within any or all communities, cities, states, regions, countries or worldwide with its CRWE WORLD online multi-media network.


Crown Equity Holdings' primary objective is for the company’s CRWE WORLD ( ) endeavor to become a major online one stop shop source for various categories of community news and information around the world, as well as for the company’s other online endeavors that has its own distinct products, services, markets and opportunities to exploit and aggressively accelerate growth within the online industry, which will generate higher returns and enhance the company’s shareholders value.

The additional products and services that will be available through the CRWE WORLD network would be, web site advertisement opportunities for companies and businesses, real estate listings, discounted vouchers and coupons, business listing, business reviews, international business to business (B2B) membership trading, video hosting and sharing placement, press release publishing and distribution, VoIP telecommunication services, domain name search and registration, as well as web hosting.

By adding news feeds of different countries from around the world in its native language, the company expects enormous global readership for the purpose of bringing together its audience and the advertisers that wants to target them.

CRWE WORLD will be used as a portal to exploit other Crown Equity Holdings Inc. brand services to compliment CRWE WORLD’s one stop shop for consumers.

Brands such as:


CRWE Press Release ( ) operates as a digital news and press release company. It provides publishing and a distribution solution for online informative written communication in reference to a business for the purpose of announcing something that is newsworthy. The company offers increased visibility through its unique distribution model for both public and private companies which automatically publish its content throughout the “CRWE WORLD” online network of news and information publications.

Industry and Marketing Description:

Press releases are the best mode of communication around the world. It helps to inform the public about the latest happenings related to a business or organization. All industries use press release to inform masses about their company.

The Company’s Product:

CRWE Press Release publishes Press Release electronically to its site. In addition to a client’s press release being published into the CRWE WORLD network of publication sites, the client benefits from the use of tags and metadata, which enables press release publication to adapt to the various reading devices or delivery methods.


The industry's growth soared during the past five years as entrepreneurs used the internet to capture a wide audience and broadcast their news and information. In 2014, the press release industry revenues were $826 million within the United States.


CRWE Press Release will create its revenues through the distribution of a press and/or news release for businesses at a flat rate of $14.95 per release or for an annually unlimited press release distribution rate of $1,000 per company. CRWE Press Release also offers writing services to companies needing someone to write their press release for $79 per release when subscribed to the annually press release distribution plan and $89 per press release with the single release plan.


CRWE Domains offers domain name search and registration, as well as web hosting, email and spam-free email, secure SSL certificates, online marketing, web builder and cloud infrastructure available, combined with 24/7 support and customer services.


Revenues are being generated through consumers ordering domains, as well as other services from the company on line at ( Additional branding and awareness of this company will, as well as its revenues.


The news publishing industry has started cutting costs and expanding its product online to fight crumbling revenues around the world, which is why online publishing is experiencing rapid growth. After all, the internet has become the go-to news and information source for many readers; and CRWE WORLD plans to take advantage of this opportunity through combining CRWE WORLD with the other Crown Equity Holdings Inc. distinct products and services. Making CRWE WORLD a significant revenue generator portal for its products and services combined with its advertising/branding opportunities.


• Advertisement: $59.67 billion will be spent in global online mobile ads by the end of 2017.
• Business Directory: It has been noted that 80% of the people use an online directory to locate a business address.
• B2B: Global manufacturing trade is expected to be worth $1 trillion by 2020, per Forrester research.
• Coupon Industry: It is projected that in 2016, U.S. adults will redeem 126.9 million in coupons.
• Press Releases: The revenues generation in the press release industry in 2014 were $826 million in the U.S. and is still growing.
• Video Sharing: The video hosting and sharing worldwide revenues are expected to reach $11.4 billion by 2016 from 8.3 billion in 2014.
• Real Estate: 92% of people now use the internet for their home search. Revenues were $27.2 billion in 2013 and up 9.7 % in 2014.


• To be a world class online company, delivering worldwide community news, information, services and product.


• To connect readers within a communities to their local news and information, as well as with other services of consumer interest.
• To provide advertisers with a source to reach their target consumers.
• To assist other individuals and companies within the corporate environment.
• To expand the company’s market base.
• To maintain a high level of technical capability.
• To increase shareholder’s value.
• To enhance community experiences to further improve user loyalty and activity.
• To selectively expand into additional international markets.


Crown Equity Holdings Inc. has only just begun to strengthen its position in the online e-commerce global business. Therefore, the company is looking forward to the future, one which promises a long runway for growth.
In addition to the company building a powerful brand and maximizing long term shareholder value, Crown Equity Holdings Inc., will build a vibrant business by focusing and pursuing the following strategies:

Establishing the following online business endeavors to be included within the CRWE World network platform of news and information based on neighborhoods, towns and cities.

• Advertisement Opportunities
• Real Estate Listings
• Discounted Vouchers and Coupons
• Business Listings
• Business Reviews
• International Membership Driven Manufacturers Trading,
• Video Hosting and Sharing Placement
• Press Release Publishing and Distribution
• VoIP Telecommunication Services
• Domain Name Search and Registration with Web Hosting.


In reference to the company’s primary endeavor which is the CRWE WORLD Network.
Topix and Patch can be considered as competitors within the city specific marketplace in the United States. None the less, presently there are no certain companies dominating the local news and information market with a global presence, which is the objective of CRWE WORLD.

As the company achieves its initial objectives to bring millions of visitors and keeping them in its network, due to the other distinct businesses products and services being available and accessible through the CRWE WORLD platform; other specific related industry companies within those markets will be considered as competitors of CRWE WORLD within the United States and within other countries around the world. None the less, presently there are no specific companies dominating the market having a global presence of community news and information combined with additional distinct online business services and products such as Real Estate listings, Manufacturing Trading, Coupons & Vouchers offerings, Press Releases, Domain Name Search and Registration, which is the objective of CRWE WORLD in reference to being a one stop shop.


Crown Equity Holdings Inc., diverse products and innovation and will deliver performance with purpose. The company’s goal is to position for long-term, sustainable growth by aligning what is good for its business with what is good for society.

CRWE WORLD ( ) community news and information combined with it also offering additional distinct services and products will enable Crown Equity Holdings to move aggressively with an accelerate growth to generate higher returns and enhances shareholder value.

The CRWE WORLD community news and information network will be used as a portal to exploit these added services and products for its one stop shop consumers.

The company’s primary brand and focus is its CRWE WORLD Network, which is a great way to find out what’s going on within the community you live in, on a global basis. The platform is designed to give local specific news, in addition to being a local information source. Each community site will also covers national and worldwide news. The CRWE WORLD is designed to allow you to find local businesses and keep up with top news around you within a selected community.


The CRWE WORLD publications are being targeted to multiple cities and towns in small geographic areas and will deliver media and information ranging from a mixture of real time local and national based news and business listings from entertainment, restaurants, jobs, real estate, lodging, and movie theaters to community resources and health care provider information and locations, combined with the publication’s community specific blogging/web log, which may be accessed through the company’s mobile optimized platform and/or home computer. With business directories being a widely-used tool, CRWE WORLD will include a business directory within its platform to increase interaction on its sites to help people find businesses within a selected community,

as well as in any community the user is interested in. The Business Directory will allow a newly established community business to get its local listing into the directory at no cost to the business, upon notification to the company.
The primary model for the CRWE WORLD publications is advertisement driven, centered on facilitating online community businesses advertisement, which will produce revenues streams through local, national and global business awareness, as well as its incremental revenues being generated through the publication’s directory ads.
The publication will also give customers access to other product and service which will increase the value of its site, as describe in the industry and market description.


The publishing industry is involved in the production of magazines, newspapers and books, and encompasses general, professional and academic disciplines. The printed word is under increasing pressure from online publishing such as CRWE WORLD, as readers turn to online resources over reading printed materials such as newspapers.
In fact, the global mobile online ad-spend market has recorded remarkable expansion. It’s predicted that global mobile ad spending will reach $35.55 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2015. It is expected to be $59.67 billion by the end of 2017. One of the key drivers has been the ability of online content to adapt and evolve with Internet user trends quickly, much more proficiently than TV or print.

The CRWE WORLD network is a specialized online local news, information and directory publishing and marketing solutions for local, state, national and global businesses. The company will offer community based businesses solutions to boost its consumer market visibility with affordable tools for small-to-medium sized business enterprises to extend their marketing reach via the internet that serves their community/target market.
Also, CRWE WORLD has adapted to add the blogging capabilities for individual — as opposed to just a being a local newspaper and directory. This will increase social activity, as well as adding traffic to the network, relieving pressure on staffers to generate page views.

In addition to the above mentioned, CRWE WORLD will offer other distinct services for its readership to have access to, such as; real estate listings, discounted vouchers and coupons, business listings, business reviews, international membership manufacturers trading, video hosting and sharing placement, press release publishing and distribution, VoIP telecommunication services, domain name search and registration, as well as web hosting.


In addition to CRWE WORLD creating an engaged community readership of its publications through the publishing of updated quality community and global news, the company will also use its blogging capabilities offering to increase its readership and community interaction.

The Marketing team will work with Publishing and Sales team to design, create, and deliver marketing communications/sales support programs to facilitate the expansion and growth of the company brands.

The company’s will also engaged community readership through giving advertisement space on its sites to some of the community/city’s nonprofits organizations, which will adds to the local feel of each publication.

In reference to CRWE WORLD real estate listings, according to ComScore, real estate websites are generating hundreds of millions in revenue and have helped turned buying a house into entertainment.

Vouchers and coupons are a huge staple of life in the United States and increasingly, around the world. A recent report from Juniper Research suggests that the mobile coupon market will exceed $43 billion globally by 2016. “Mobile coupons are going main-stream.” Juniper Research analyst David Snow said. “To ignore the potential of mobile coupons would be to ignore the future of mobile commerce.”

The Database and Directory Publishing industry offers two main services: the sale of advertising space and the sale of listings and subscriptions to directories. The sale of advertising space makes up about 62.9% of industry revenue in 2014. Because the industry relies heavily on revenue from advertising sales, any downturn in advertising has a negative impact on industry operators’ bottom lines. As print advertising has continued to decline over the five years to 2014, the industry has more aggressively targeted online advertising. Thus far, revenue from online advertisements has not been enough to stem the decline of revenue from print advertisements. Consequently, advertisements’ share of revenue has declined.

Press releases are the best mode of communication around the world. The industry’s growth soared during the past five years as entrepreneurs used the internet for online press releases to capture a wide audience and broadcast their news and information. In 2014, the press release industry revenues were $826 million within the United States.
The press release service will be available through CRWE World under the brand CRWE Press Release. (See information in reference to CRWE PRESS RELEASE above.)

In reference to CRWE WORLD international membership manufacturers trading, the 2010 U.S. Census data shows estimates for B2B revenue transacted online at approximately US$300 billion. Compare that with almost $200 billion in B2C transactions. None the less, the latest figures from the U.S. Census bureau shows that U.S. manufacturers shipped $3.0 trillion worth of orders placed electronically in 2012, which was up from 2011. All indicating that the next decade will be an innovative and demanding one for B2B e-commerce. Forrester estimates that by the end of 2013, customer-facing front-end B2B ecommerce will reach $559 billion.

Online video-sharing hosting service Allowing viewers to share embed and comment on videos is an important aspect of online video marketing. Video SEO is becoming an important aspect of organic search marketing, not only for video search, but as a way to enhance and optimize keyword phrase rankings for web searches. The use for video uploading has and still is growing.

Companies across the nation have been touting the benefits of VoIP communications. Recent industry analysis shows the VoIP market continuing to grow throughout the United States. According to IBISWorld’s VoIP in the U.S. report, the market has increased 16.7 percent annually over the last five years, generating $15 billion in revenue each year. In addition, Juniper Research recently predicted that mobile VoIP users would reach 1 billion by 2017.
Through the CRWE WORLD network, domain name search and registration, as well as web hosting, email and spam-free email, secure SSL certificates, online marketing, web builder and cloud infrastructure, combined with 24/7 support and customer services will be available to consumers under the brand CRWE DOMAINS.


The Company has dedicated approximately 30% of the publication pages for advertisements space, which will be sold on a monthly basis, within the publications’ communities, neighborhoods, towns, cities, states or countries targeted audience; to grow revenue and profitability. In addition, the company will implement a “PPM” (Pay per 1,000 impressions) and “PPC” (Pay Per Click) to generate income, management intends to hire several independent sales executives that will sell advertising space to advertisers throughout the United States. The business will also promote new advertising sales by partnering with major marketing and advertising firms that will place new advertisements within the company. This is in addition to all sites capable of monetizing itself through “Google AdSense”, an advertisement revenue generator.

In addition, CRWE WORLD will monetize itself through commissions and fees from real estate listings. It will generate revenues by charging a marketing fee for advertising, promoting businesses. Revenues will also generate from the selling of vouchers, coupons, distribution of a press releases , international membership levels of manufacturing transactions without holding inventory, advertisements through video sharing , Voice over IP services that is cheaper the land line telephone communication services and domain name registration, as well web hosting.
The company will add additional monetization to itself through an affiliate program for entrepreneurs wanting to make money on the internet using CRWE WORLD’s advertising and marketing services, which will create income for the affiliate. Since local businesses are spending more money in advertising their business online, than ever before. This opportunity will increase CRWE WORLD advertisement/marketing revenue, which will be distributed between the company and affiliate, based on advertisement revenues generated by the affiliate


Crown Equity Holdings Inc., believes success comes down to partnerships as well. Therefore, a good affiliate program is a must to be developed for people who want to make money on the internet using our services.

The affiliates supply the knowledge and interest in your community, and we’ll supply you with the tools and training needed to operate your own “CRWE WORLD” site licenses with its local templates.

The company will help any person, organization or start his or her own CRWE WORLD website publication within the Crown Equity Holdings’ network. The affiliate would be able to create and write articles for the assigned online publication for viewing, as well as having the article distributed throughout the CRWE WORLD network for viewing, which is linked back to the affiliate’s website to increase its publication’s readership which in return assist the site in becomes a great tool in creating advertisement opportunities for various small, mid and large public and non-public companies.

The affiliate would also have access through the affiliate program to choses from the various advertising and services tool that Crown Equity Holdings have to offer, to its clients.

Better yet, any company could use the tools provided through Crown Equity Holdings Inc., to publish its own informational communication publication site, as a tool to deliver its message to its readership and increase its own awareness.

A person’s hard work, plus consistent and aggressive management of their local content uploads, can build a successful Advertising and marketing company.

With local businesses spending more money advertising online than ever before; Crown Equity Holdings will be offering a great ground floor opportunity for new or established entrepreneurs and/or corporation to build their company and achieve the goal(s) it has set to accomplish.


Managing the Crown Equity Holdings Inc., for profitable, long-term growth is the board priority. The Company has policies and practices that align management and shareholder interests. The company knows that these types of governance practices will pay off for our shareholders over time. The Board of Directors believes that good corporate governance is a critical factor in achieving business success and in fulfilling the Board's responsibilities to shareholders


In addition to no material changes to Crown Equity’s risk factors as previously disclosed in our most recent 10-Q filing for the quarter ending September 30, 2014, risk management is essential to Crown Equity Holdings’ success and is an integral part of its culture. While the company accepts a level of risk in achieving its goals, sound risk management helps the company to make the most of each business opportunity, and enables Crown Equity Holdings to be resilient and respond decisively to a changing environment.

Crown Equity Holdings Inc., approach to risk management assists itself in identifying risks early and addressing them in ways that manage uncertainties, minimize potential hazards, and maximize opportunities for the good of all the company’s stakeholders including shareholders, customers, regulators and employees. Risks can be broadly classified as Strategic, Operational, Financial, and Legal/Regulatory.

Management is responsible for establishing and maintaining adequate internal control over financial reporting as a public company, as well as it is defined in Rules 13a-15(f) and 15d-15(f) of the Exchange Act. The company’s internal control system was designed to provide reasonable assurance regarding the reliability of financial reporting and the preparation of financial statements for external purposes, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Because of inherent limitations, a system of internal control over financial reporting may not prevent or detect misstatements. Also, projections of any evaluation of effectiveness to future periods are subject to the risk that controls may become inadequate due to change in conditions, or that the degree of compliance with the policies or procedures may deteriorate.

This information contains "forward-looking statements" as that term is defined in Section 27A of the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Statements in this business plan which are not purely historical are forward-looking statements and include any statements regarding beliefs, plans, expectations or intentions regarding the future. Such forward-looking statements include, among other things, the development, costs and results of new business opportunities. Actual results could differ from those projected in any forward-looking statements due to numerous factors. Such factors include, among others, the inherent uncertainties associated with new business opportunities and development stage companies. These forward-looking statements are made as of the date of this business plan, and we assume no obligation to update the forward-looking statements, or to update the reasons why actual results could differ from those projected in the forward-looking statements. Although we believe that any beliefs, plans, expectations and intentions contained in this business plan are reasonable, there can be no assurance that any such beliefs, plans, expectations or intentions will prove to be accurate. Investors should consult all of the information set forth herein and should also refer to the risk factors disclosure outlined in our annual report on Form 10-K for the most recent fiscal year, our quarterly reports on Form 10-Q and other periodic reports filed from time-to-time with the Securities and Exchange Commission.